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Program overview

Organizations today have moved on from thinking of data as an added value to integrating its insights as a core part of business strategy. By harnessing data analytics the right way, organizations can gain a competitive advantage and find solutions to short- and long-term business problems.

Companies are looking for data leaders who can convert information into implementable insights. The Executive Business Analytics Program from Columbia Engineering will help you transform data into powerful assets that can be deployed for business decisions.


of companies say that improved efficiency is the top benefit of data analytics.

Source: MicroStrategy’s Global State of Enterprise Analytics


of companies state that using analytics leads to effective decision making.

Source: MicroStrategy’s Global State of Enterprise Analytics

Designed for success

The learning journey of 9 to 12 months has been structured with the needs of busy executives in mind. You will learn through online sessions, including guest lectures from recognized industry leaders. The flexible nature of the Executive Business Analytics Program allows you to customize your learning journey for maximum career and business impact.


Take charge of how you explore the program. Complete it in 9 to 12 months at your own pace by accommodating program learning around your work schedule with a weekly commitment of four to six hours.


Grow your network by interacting with a cohort of global executives. Learn from world-renowned faculty and glean insights from global industry experts leading cutting-edge analytics practices.


Gain in-depth knowledge and skills that are fundamental to advancing your career and enable you to develop business analytics strategies for your organization.

“The role of analytics has become increasingly critical across every sector. Organizations now rely on data-driven decision making to improve their efficiency, manage risk, and increase revenue. This program combines Columbia Engineering’s cutting-edge research with the practical experience of its accomplished faculty to enable participants to keep pace with emerging technologies and evolving trends in analytics.”

— Hardeep Johar
Faculty Director; Senior Lecturer in the Discipline of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research and in the Discipline of Business, Columbia University

Program highlights

Delve into a cutting-edge curriculum designed to advance your career trajectory.

Customize your learning journey with a choice of electives.

Learn at your own pace with a weekly commitment of four to six hours.

Glean insights from global industry experts who are leading cutting-edge analytics practices.

Benefit from optional online and live online guest lectures and presentations.

Engage with your success coach to craft your learning journey through regular check-in sessions.

What you will learn from the program

Columbia Engineering offers students a foundational education in engineering and applied science centered in New York City, which is fast becoming world-renowned for high-tech research and development. The program will equip you with the professional skills and analytics tools needed to address your organization’s requirements from data as well as give a boost to your career. You will be able to help improve your company’s efficiency and the bottom line. The program is designed to integrate several learning touchpoints, including core modules, a choice of electives, and a capstone project. Over the course of the learning journey, you will:

  • Gain hands-on experience with data-exploration tools to extract and transform data into a usable format
  • Manipulate Python code to analyze and visualize real-world big data
  • Acquire a thorough understanding of machine learning and artificial intelligence to explore how artificial neural networks imitate human brains
  • Apply optimization algorithms to solve day-to-day problems in real-world work contexts
  • Hone your communication skills to more effectively lead data science teams
  • Uncover the process and theory behind using data to support decision making in business settings
  • Select appropriate models to answer the right business questions by analyzing consumer and economic data


Designed with your demanding work schedule in mind, the core module period and electives are spaced out adequately over the program learning journey. The core modules will enable you to leverage data science tools, modeling techniques, and predictive analytics to make informed business decisions. The electives will equip you with the specialization you need in areas such as data visualization and supply chain analytics.

  • Fundamentals of Data Exploration

    • Introduction to Python for Analytics
    • Basic Data Cleaning
    • Introduction to Pandas
    • Introduction to Data Visualization and Bokeh
    • Serialization and Regex
    • Data Harvesting
    • Visualization with Geographical Data

    Applied Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

    • Visual Introduction to Optimization
    • Delving into Optimization
    • Regression and Machine Learning: A Visualized Walk-Through
    • What Is Deep Learning?
    • Deep Learning Applications
    • Overfitting

    Business Analytics and Data Science

    • Introduction to Business Analytics and Basics of Descriptive Analytics
    • Building Predictive Model
    • Cross-Validation and Time Series Data
    • Recommendation System and Experiment Design
    • Modeling Consumer Choice and Pricing
    • Modeling Consumer Retention
    • Simulation in Prescriptive Analysis
    • Optimization in Prescriptive Analysis

    Note: Session topics are subject to change.

    • Applied Financial Analytics
    • Data Visualization
    • Healthcare Analytics
    • Leading through Analytics
    • Supply Chain Analytics

    Note: Electives are subject to change.

Capstone project

A key element of this program is a capstone project that will help you further explore all that you have learned during the program. You will work on the project as part of your core modules, applying program concepts and insights to solve a real-world business challenge. At the end of the project, you will present your insights and solutions to your faculty and cohort.

Meet the faculty

Columbia Engineering faculty is committed to pushing the frontiers of knowledge and translating discoveries to meet the needs of society. They are leading experts in their fields who are dedicated to teaching, producing cutting-edge research, and increasing interdisciplinary collaborations. All faculty in this program are industry practitioners who approach topics from a practical perspective and provide pragmatic insights and solutions to real-world challenges.

Hardeep Johar

Faculty Director; Senior Lecturer in the Discipline of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research and in the Discipline of Business, Columbia University

Paul Bulkley-Logston

Associate at Columbia Engineering

Ali Hirsa

Professor of Professional Practice in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Columbia University

Yi Zhang

Associate at Columbia Engineering

Participant profile

This program is designed to meet current industry needs and to enhance the skills of technical professionals who are interested in data management. This program is ideal for:

  • Functional heads or technical leads in software engineering and software product development
  • Leaders and CXOs aiming to build data analytics teams
  • Business heads looking to learn how analytics can improve performance in their organization

Eligibility criteria for the program include:

  • A minimum of eight years of work experience
  • Basic programming skills in C++, Java, Python, Perl, or a similar programming language
  • Fluency in written and spoken English
  • International exposure (preferred)

Executive Business Analytics Program certificate

Example image of certificate that will be awarded after successful completion of this program

Executive Business Analytics Program certificate

Upon completion of the program, you will be awarded a verified digital certificate from Columbia Engineering Executive Education. The certificate is a recognition of your achievement and the investment you and your organization have made in your education and development.

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